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Audi CBD Shauraum Peking

[architect] Benjamin Haupt Architekt
[client]Audi AG
[project phase] LP1-2 / LP8 Künstl. Oberleitung
[location] Beijing, Chin
[design] 01.-04.201
[construction] 04.-06.2013
[construction drawings] Mi2 Beijing Ivaxo Interior Design and Construction Co., Ltd.

Munich Germany based architectural practice BENJAMIN HAUPT ARCHITEKT has designed an exclusive, boutique like car showroom for the Audi CBD showroom invested by the Beijing Yuntong Group.

The 450 sqm retail space is located in the base of a multifunctional, upscale highrise tower along Beijing‘s busy Third-Ring-Road, with ten thousand of passing cars and pedestriants daily.

The design challange was to aknowledge and antisipate the constraints of the existing space, yet to incorporate the essance of the destinct architecture language by Audi AG, which is defined by dynamism, asymetry and transparancy.

The design proposal by BHA therefore focused on tranforming the pre-define spatial character into a dynamic environment, without being formal and decorative. The elegance of the Audi car design was refered to as major influence.

A dynamic road like car display area is cutting through the L-shaped showroom area, separating the space in destinct and differntly programmed areas. The designers intension is to generate a cone like display area - opening up towards the main facade, whilst the narrowing of the space is being understaood and experienced as dramatic conclusion.

Adjacent to the main space - the car display area - the design allocates an accessory shop, lounge and sales functions underneath a suspended ceiling cladded with expended aluminium metal sheet panels - constrasting the austrian, technogrey ash-parquet flooring. Opposite,  in the most exposed corner of the building, the design articulates a highlight area as additional car display.

The unique feature wall - an array of cut to shape and illuminated glass panes - is suspended between ceiling and floor like a curtain between the exterior and the interior.

The glass panes generate a dynamic perception of the highlight car - as it‘s image is refracted and visually set in motion. From an interior point of view, the emitting and reflected light of the LED ligth glass panes produces an visual overlay on the car  - empazhising it‘s form and generating the feeling of a still-shot of a wind-chanel aerodynamic testing facility.