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Audi quattro lounge / Après-Ski Pavillon

Bild: Benjamin Haupt, James Holm
Bild: Benjamin Haupt, James Holm
Jahr der Fertigstellung
Åre, Schweden

Situated just a few meters of the ski-lift-station, the Audi quattro lounge in Åre, Sweden presents itself as a cubical wooden structure, constructed out of prefabricated cross laminated timber elements, referencing traditional and sustainable building technologies.

The protruding roof corners with it’s triangulated parapet visually brake the box-like volume, transforming the rigid structure in a dynamic sclupture.

One of the main design features of the building is the north/east facade, opening itself towards the adjacent terrace and the slope of the hill. A signature ornament consisting in a timber lattice becomes apparent behind transparent polycarbonate panels. The contrasting materials of the facade dynamically interplay with the reflection of the sky and the radiating warm light from within the timber clad interior of pavilion.

Audi Sweden / XYZDP Scandinavia AB

Hochbau, Gastronomie

Åre, Schweden

Leistungsbild: LP1-8
Größe: 100 qm
Team: Bo Won Chey, Benjamin Haupt, Yee See Astor Lam
Lokaler Architekt: XYZDP Scandinavia AB
Tragwerksplanung: Stephan Holzbau GmbH
Holzbau: Merk Timber GmbH
Montage: Hyttmo Lod & Våg AB
Bilder: Benjamin Haupt, James Holm