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Geoffroy Guichard Stadium

Vincent Fillon
Vincent Fillon
The renovation of the Geoffroy Guichard stadium adds a finishing touch to the existing form, which gives this element of the Saint-Étienne architectural heritage – sapped by the many small changes over the years – a new sense of architectural harmony and formal coherence. The addition of north and south balconies and corner stands increases the stadium’s capacity to 35,600 to 42 000. The roofs over the stands are joined in a geometric pattern of folds and facets that outlines the sky over the filed with a continuous frame. Monumental arches housing the stairways punctuate the façade of the building. Together the roofs and façades fuse into a single sculpted mass with a perforated metal skin that lets in light while offering views of the surroundings and that imparts new splendor to this mythical site.

Photographer: Vincent Fillon