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Timber House

Einfamilien-, Reihen-, Wochenendhäuser
Jahr der Fertigstellung
Material Fassade
The design transforms the requests of the existing urban development plan and the wishes of the client to a monolithic timber volume. Only at a second glance the volume takes reference to the sweeping roofs of traditional barns in the Spessart region.

The roof provides a protected entrance situation towards the village road in the north. To the south the house opens up to the garden and the surrounding landscape.
The erection of the house was completed within four days due to the prefabrication of the timber elements which included the facade of untreated Douglas fir. The compact shape and orientation of the volume, in conjunction with a high standard of insulation and a solar system leads to an optimized energy consumption.
The ground floor is designed as an open living space: The staircase divides the entrance from kitchen and living room. Sliding doors can be used to arrange protected or open spaces.
Upstairs are the bedrooms. The cantilever tip offers special interiors: In the bathroom it contains furniture for the wash basin. In the bedrooms cozy alcoves with skylight windows provide a view into the sky.

Location Aschaffenburg, Germany
Client Private
Function Single-Family Home
Building Gross Area 260 qm
Design Period 2003-04
Construction Period 2004
Architect Dipl. Ing. Antje Voigt Architektin BDA
Collaborators Dipl. Ing. H. Peseke, Structural Planning
Photo credits Antje Voigt, Rainer Drexel