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DISSING+WEITLING arkitektfirma

FBAB - Future Sustainable Social Housing

Kolding, Denmark

1st prize in open competition in two rounds issued by the Danish ministry of By, Bolig & Landdistrikter.

Client: Lejerbo
MOVE Arkitektur
ENTILEN Arkitekter
Engineer: Wissenberg Rådgivende Ingeniører

The Danish firm, DISSING + WEITLING was selected as the final winner of the competition's 2nd round for the area Seest near Kolding. “The intention of the competition was to select a project to follow the tradition of good examples of public housing, which features some of Danish architecture’s best residential typologies drawn by some of the best architects in the country.

During the competition, we have focused on the optimization and planning of the physical environment and specifically on how these can help to strengthen the community in the residential area. Both formal and informal communities are supported by the architecture and the prepared site plan´.

In accordance with DK-DGNB's evaluation matrix the project may be certified for gold, and thus be one of the very first housing that achieves this sustainability certification in Denmark.