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EBS University Wiesbaden

Building type
building project
new building
planning phase

Client: European Business School and the State of Hessen
GFA: 37.000 m²

The new building for the German Law School / EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht will be located in the historic inner center of the regional capital of Wiesbaden. Framed by Moritzstrasse, Albrechtstrasse and Oranienstrasse, the design is developed as an extension to the existing, former municipal court building

Urban layout
The new building mirrors the three-wing set up of the existing court building solitaire and will complete the homogeneous block structure of the urban context. The resulting inner courtyard will be become an internal campus of the university.
With the symmetric extension of the court building and the adoption of the existing floor heights, a ringwise, barrier-free circulation is established.
The thinner side wings, in elongation of the old building, are designed for typical office use, whereas in the deeper, southern wing, along Albrechtstrasse, special use units, like library, lecture halls and work stations are positioned.

Inner Layout
Strolling along Moritzstrasse, the glass foyer allows deep insights into the courtyard and the inner layout of the building. On Ground floor, next to this main entrance, a public use lecture hall and several event spaces, both linked to the refectory, are located. The refectory itself opens up along towards the courtyard.
The foyer is spatially connected to the so-called ‘market place’, a central communication space where students, visitors and business companies can meet. Exhibition space for company presentations, conferences etc. presents, at the same time, the necessary circulation area for the big lecture halls. The floor above is mainly dedicated to educational use, with more lecture halls, work stations and offices for the various chairs.
The library with its secluded working atmosphere is positioned on the level +3, next to the seminar rooms. The University board then resides on the upper floors, with access to wide roof terraces, offering panoramic views to the surroundings.
All floors are connected via open stairs along the longitudinal axis, where large open areas with special uses create an internal, spatial coherence allowing insights to inner operational sequences or views to the courtyards
The larger part of the facade is constructed with a stick system, based on a 1,35 m grid, where fully glazed and opaque panels are alternating. Arranged in front is a structure made of large, prefabricated stone fins, which can also carry the necessary sunshade structures.
The Foyer and few other special areas are fully glazed with triple glazing elements.