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Eller + Eller Architekten

Theater „Haus der Berliner Festspiele“, Berlin/Germany

Building type
theaters, opera houses, concert halls, cinemas
building project
material façade

Client     KBB - Kulturveranstaltungen des Bundes in Berlin GmbH
GFA     11.000 m²

The theater, built 1963 by Fritz Bornemann, is one of the most significant theatre buildings of post-war Germany. Nowadays it hosts national festivals of contemporary theatre, music, dance and literature. For the first time the theatre was fully renovated.

The building is composed of cubic volumes, nicely situated in a park. The architecture has a fine and distinct interplay of open glass facades to the surroundings and closed panels of concrete with an exposed aggregate finish. The wooden auditorium emerges as a warm contrast to the outside.
All stage technology systems and building appliances have been renewed. The public spaces such as the auditorium, the entrance building as well as all foyers have been modernized and reconditioned. The building is a landmark, all works had been adjusted in detail with the department of preservation.

Photos: Burkhard Peter, Heiko Rahnenfuehrer