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Eller + Eller Architekten

Kutuzovsky International Center, Moscow

Building type
office buildings, administration buildings, banks
building project
new building
material façade
architect award
MIPIM Architectural Review Future Project Awards
1994 / 2005-2008
working phase 1-3; GFA ca. 368.000 m²

The high-rise office center near the Kutuzovskaya metro station will modify the face of the Kutuzovsky Prospekt, now dominated by Stalin-era buildings. Consisting of two 43-story twin towers, each 212 meters tall with curved corners, and a group of nine-story buildings, the complex will feature a pedestrian zone with shops, restaurants, a fitness center, a conference center and a hotel. At their base is a plaza with water pools, benches and plants for the 20,000 employees in the buildings. An internal ‘Boulevard’ connects all buildings. The office towers will help modernize this section of Kutuzovsky Prospekt while respecting the dimensions and materials of the street.

The "city within a city" is a counterpart to the "Moscow City" on the other side of the river.
The site is located in the western part of Moscow, at the intersection of the third ring and the Kutuzovsky Prospekt. The 264,000 m² are located in seven independent structures which are situated on a joint basement garage and grouped along three sides of a central square. On either side of this structure there are Ushaped office buildings featuring spacious interior halls. A shopping mall connecting the buildings parallel to the third ring on the level of the square provides protection against the weather. A number of cinemas, restaurants, snack bars etc. help to ensure that the complex is busy outside office hours, too.

Except for the highrise buildings, all components are based on an 8.10m/8.10m grid. The standard building depth of 18 meters allows all forms of office organization. There is a standard floor-to-floor height of 5.0 meters on the ground floor and of 4.0 meters on the upper stories. The building along the Kutuzovsky Prospekt has a building-high hall with glazed roof, steel bridges and staircase and ten stories. The facade is post-and-rail facade with parapet element and opening casements, interior sun screen. The highrise buildings are reinforced concrete framework with reinforcing cores and mounted facade. The facade is a fixed-glazed element facade with parapet element but not equipped with opening casements or interior sun screening system.