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The new house is on a plot of land near Stuttgart, on a hillside with a generous view of the valley. The owners wanted a new home that would bring this view to life even inside of the building. The house is in a residential area with conventional developments, most of which date from the 1960s.
The new, 4-person family home is divided into an elevated ground floor with entrance area, utility room and spa, and a second floor with an open, flowing floor plan containing the living, dining and kitchen areas. Full-height glazing provides a free view of the valley and terrace looking over the garden area. Upstairs are the sleeping areas, dressing rooms and bathrooms. The central design element is a sculptural staircase that connects all three levels.
The house was built as a reinforced concrete construction. The facade consists of one heat-insulating compound system and an aluminum and glass facade. Slats and anti-glare sheeting provide integrated sun protection, protecting it against heat. All of the lightweight partition walls inside are made of drywall. The floor is a seamless layer of screed. The roof with the deep, recessed balcony was built with pre-weathered zinc plate cladding and is fitted with solar panels. Outdoor paved areas were realized as tartan surfaces.
J. MAYER H. Architects
Team: Juergen Mayer H., Marcus Blum (Project Architect), Sebastian Finckh, Paul Angelier, Hugo Reis, Julian Blümle
Project: 2009-2011
Completion: September 2011
Client: Private
Architect on Site: AB Wiesler + Michael Gruber, Stuttgart
Structural Engineer: Gunter Kopp, Leutenbach/ Nellmersbach
Service Engineers: IB Funk und Partner, Leutenbach
Building Physics: Kurz&Fischer GmbH, Winnenden
Function: Private House, near Stuttgart, Germany
Site area: 891 m2
Building area: 306 m2
Total floor area: 488 m2
Number of floors: 3
Height of the building: 10,43 m
Structure: reinforced concrete, brick, roof: steel
Principal exterior material: EIFS, glass, zinc, rooftiles
Principal interior material: wood, plasterboard, creative floor
Designing period: 08/09 – 04/10
Construction period: 04/10 – 09/11

Photographer: David Franck