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MBA/S Matthias Bauer Associates

New National Gallery & Ludwig Museum

To envision a new building in a beautiful landscape is a challenging and fascinating task for anarchitect. To respect the character of the place and provide it with an extra value to become an emblematic ensemble is the final aspiration.

This project faces the condition of being located in a beautiful area of the Városliget. To contribute and enrich this location and turn it into a new destination is the origin of our approach for the New National Gallery and the Ludwig Museum.

The building volume is placed on the south limit of the site, taking advantage of the maximum length available; creating a long floating volume that liberates the green space of the area and forms as much a gateway from the city to the park as vice versa.

Permeability is one of the key goals of the proposal: the permeability of the park through the ground floor of the museums building. The permeability of the exhibition spaces to the view of the landscape and the permeability of the materiality of the built mass.

Auslober: Hungarian State    

Ort: Liget, Budapest

Gebäudetyp: Kultur-, Veranstaltungsgebäude

Wettbewerbsart: International Wettbewerb /Open competition
First Stage of the Liget Budapest International DesignCompetition

Fläche (BGF): 60.000 m²

Jahr: 2014

Energieberatung: Transolar

Visualisierung: Luxigon, Paris France

Architect: Matthias Bauer, Marta Martinez
Team: Maria Rodriguez, Rocio Miranda