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Material Fassade
Taipei, 2013

Planning permission has been received for the PHILIPP MAINZER designed façade, all public spaces and the landscaping for the eight storey three-part apartment complex, BIG, in a high density area of Taipei, Taiwan, comprising an overall area of 8920 sqm.

A central element of the design by PHILIPP MAINZER OFFICE FOR ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN is a cost-effective façade, which is particularly convincing due to its innovative and authentic appearance – especially for the target group of young clients – as well as its functional properties, making it highly resistant to the forces of nature such as heavy rains, storms and earthquakes typical in this area. The scope also comprises the interior design of retail spaces on the ground floor of one of the buildings, all public spaces in all buildings, including recreation rooms and corridors, as well as landscaping to integrate the BIG complex into high quality residential surroundings.

With the objective to create a modern yet unusual façade that stands out from its surroundings, a brick-look façade made from specially developed, weather and erosion-resistant tiles was designed as the shell of the apartment complex. Coloured expanded metal connects the window elements and structures the façade. The colour of the window frames corresponds with the colour of the expanded metal, creating a harmonious yet dynamic look in combination with the light grey brick structure. The colour palette and metal elements of the façade continue on into the interior, exuding the same dynamic, authentic and fresh appeal as the exterior.

Client Architectural Pursuer
Location Taipei, Taiwan
Status Planning permission received
Programme 8,920 sqm overall area; 1,220 sqm of outside space; 120 sqm Retail, 160 sqm recreational spaces, 1,075 sqm circulation, façade for three buildings with overall area of 7,740 sqm

Lead Design / Masterplanning PHILIPP MAINZER OFFICE FOR ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN, planning phases 1-3 (development for the façade, all public spaces and landscaping)
Team Julia Kluger, Miriam Tocino
Local architect SHAO & YIN PARTNER architects, planning phases 4-9