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Innovation Incubator in Shanghai

Foto: Peter Dixie
Foto: Peter Dixie
Jahr der Fertigstellung
Schmidt Hammer Lassen architects has completed an overhual of an existing office building in Shanghai into an innovation incubator for Hi-Tech start-up companies. Located at the CaoHeJing Hi-Tech Park, in aim to support and nurture local start-up companies, the incubator is a pilot project of a series of shared office developments in the area by the client.

Commissioned by CaoHeJing in 2014, Schmidt Hammer Lassen architects’ proposal was to overclad and unify the existing rendered concrete facade utilising a corrugated and perforated polyester powder coated aluminium skin.

The facade concept allows for a simple and clean expression of openings within and behind the perforated aluminium, providing shading to every workspace whilst optimising both view and daylight. The facade also facilitates the increased insulation build-ups and the integrated approach to new and existing services whilst enabling these to be hidden from everyday view.

The second key design strategy was to open up the existing deep plan of the building, creating a new atrium through the middle with connected views and much improved daylighting.

This new atrium space becomes the heart of the entire project, creating opportunities for collaboration and visual connection. Along with key new public circulation, it contains break out spaces, a cafe bar, hanging meeting boxes and connections to the external green terraces.

The incubator also features a site specific mural designed by Shanghai based graffiti artist, The Orange Blowfish.

Architect 建筑师
Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects

Landscape Architect 景观设计师
Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects

Collaborating Architect 合作建筑师
Structural Engineer 结构顾问
Client 业主
CaoHeJing High Tech Park
Area 总建筑面积
Status 状态
2014- 2016 Complete
Peter Dixie
Zhang Lei