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Promotional Award

Promotional award

The promotional award „Junge Architekten zeichnen“ was initiated for the first time in 1984 wörner traxler richter (woernerundpartner). Heinrich O. Wörner, the office founder who deceased in 2008,  put the request and demand of the competition in the following words: “This sensual practice, the process of drawing – of putting down on paper thoughts, impulses, emotions and inventions by means of the pencil stroke – is part and parcel of architecture, even in today’s engineered working process of construction…The intention of this sponsorship award is to promote the artistic side of the architect and to encourage young architects for developing their artistic skills. This is what makes this award different from other contests in the world of competition of young architecture students and architects.

Each run of the competition is themed by an influential figure. With J.W. Goethe, Le Corbusier, Novalis, Paul Klee, Joseph Beuys and many others, architects, philosophers, writers and painters have already been patrons for the promotional award.

In 2006, wörner traxler richter, inspired by Ben van Berkel, have endowed the promotional award for the eleventh time.

"imagination ist empowering.
it is instrumental."
vorstellungskraft ermächtigt.
sie ist instrument.