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Building type
office buildings, administration buildings, banks
building project
new building
material façade
architect award
2nd Place
The design encompasses a district campus that interlinks with the neighbourhood in all directions and becomes part of it. The building offers an above-ground gross floor area of approx. 41,012 m² with flexible rental areas of varying sizes. The new building is designed as a solitary structure that is not connected to the neighbouring building.
A key goal of the concept is to remain below the high-rise building limit with regard to manufacturing and maintenance costs, flexibility and fire-protection requirements. The design principle is based on the entanglement of two buildings, which together form a sculptural spatial layout in the form of a LOOP that reacts to its surroundings. Recesses and cut-outs not only create an inviting and open environment, they also mark the entrances and courtyards and structure the campus at ground level. The eastern courtyard is designed as a covered outdoor space with a more urban character, while the western courtyard is intensively planted and serves as an oasis for all tenants and visitors. Beyond its spatial interlocking, the ground floor offers its users and neighbours a wide range of retail outlets, catering enterprises and a canteen. The southern section of the 7th floor includes a roof terrace with a view of the Alps, which can be rented out for different purposes.
The external appearance underlines the differentiation of two interlocked buildings, which are connected with each other by the horizontal bands of the floor-slab line. The two parts of the building are subdivided into bronze and brass areas according to the motto “same but different”. Deep, vertical and slightly twisted slats of anodised aluminium give the building an abstract appearance. On the ground floor, some public-use and entrance areas are fully glazed.