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terrain: integral designs BDA
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Architecture and landscape are inseparable! In this statement we are giving voice to what is apparently a self-evident truth, since architecture and landscape are the material from which our environment is made. Landscape here, is omnipresent and is seen as „natural part“ of the spaces we live in. But when you take a closer look, it becomes exciting:

Architecture and landscape are the carriers and the expression of various needs, wishes and intentions. This relationship is purposeful in very many respects, fulfilling tasks that are by no means random in their attribution. That is why our considerations in terms of an approach start with an examination of the dialectics between these two cultural forms that has long been maintained in architecture and in cultural discourse.

As our experience in the real world today shows, however, dialectical categories of this kind are a real hindrance to the conception of a rich and living notion of society. What we can now observe is how constellations that have long been rigid are being set in motion. Not only the arts, but also the sciences that have long operated within the limits of dialectics, are changing fundamentally and they are re-grouping as complex sciences and areas of knowledge. Much food for thought and new grounds for our practice inbetween both disciplines!
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