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Büro Düsseldorf
Augustastraße 30
D-40477 Düsseldorf
+49 211 4352-0
+49 211 4352-203
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Büro Berlin
Panoramastraße 1
D-10178 Berlin
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Eller + Eller Architects is a unique team, creating and designing extraordinary buildings and places that will improve people´s lives. Our principles focus on a culture of collaboration and support,  and an opportunity to stretch one’s mind and involve individual talents. Our goal is to create vibrant, sustainable buildings that reach beyond themselves and become of durable value – to the user, to society and to the culture they are built into.

Since the company was founded in 1964, we have acquired a comprehensive knowledge of the many aspects of building – from sketch proposals to detailed design, from construction management to general planning solutions. Our competences are continuously developed through our close collaboration with local and global partners, experts and specialists.

We shape, challenge and change the physical environment – from master plans, urban spaces and buildings to interior design and strategic design – with the overall objective of providing the user with a strong, visionary and thoroughly prepared design adapted to the specific context.

Our architects attach great importance to designing environmentally friendly and integrated, energy-efficient solutions. Our projects are characterized by a high degree of social responsibility – not only in relation to materials and production but also regarding social and community-creating spaces.

Our ideas are developed in close collaboration with the client, users and partners in order to achieve long-lasting buildings and reduced life-cycle costs. This value-based approach is the key to our designs of numerous building projects – from complex master plans to successful architectural landmarks.

Augustastraße 30
40477 Düsseldorf, Germany
Tel +49 211 4352-0
Fax +49 211 4352-203

Panoramastraße 1
10178 Berlin, Germany
Tel  +49 30 616 703-0
Fax  +49 30 616 703-10


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Eller + Eller Architekten
H G Esch
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Werner Huthmacher
Olaf Rohl
Max Schulze
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