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MudWorks Harvard

© Iwan Baan
© Iwan Baan
Park-, Zooanlagen
Jahr der Fertigstellung
Material Fassade
Mud Works - A Different Shade of Green

Mud Works is a design-build installation in front of Harvard`s Graduate School of Design, produced by 2012 Loeb Fellows to demonstrate the potentials of building with raw earth.
It was directed by Loeb Fellow Anna Heringer and Austrian Artist Martin Rauch.
Over 150 students participated as well as faculty and the public. 50 tons of earth.
Through the installation on the corner of Quincy and Cambridge Streets and the exhibition showing eleven contemporary projects from five continents, Mud Works demonstrates earth as a material central to architectural discourse for reclaiming cultural identity, providing tactile and human-scaled environments, and producing plentiful labour opportunities. Through this project we also want to challenge conventional thinking about green building.

“Built with EARTH and WATER. Fashioned by the human HAND. As RESILIENT as concrete. This wall can be reclaimed by NATURE.”

Inscript of the wall by Inga Saffron

Mud Works was organized by the 2012 Loeb Fellows and the Loeb Fellowship Program in conjunction with GSD Exhibitions Department.

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See the awarded video on Mud Works by Maggie Janik: www.gsd.harvard.edu

A project of the Loeb Fellowship

concept and design supervision
: Anna Heringer and Martin Rauch

Very special thanks to Sally Young, Jim Stockard, Dan Borelli, Garret Mcgowan, Mohsen Mostafavi and the Loeb Fellows 2011: Jean Brownhill-Lauer Christopher Callot Andres Lepik Ian Lockwood Anne-Marie Lubenau Aaron Naperstek Peter Park Inga Saffron