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Deungchon-dong Eoullim Plaza

Büros, Banken
Material Fassade
Invited Design Competition 2018/2019 | 5. Prize
“The Cloud“, a mixed use building located at the central Deungchon-dong Eoullim Plaza in Seoul, translates the physical phenomenon of a cloud into an architectural structure.

While the solid upper storeys form a relatively private space for accommodation or office premises, the middle and lower levels constitute dynamic scenes for public program, such as a library, cafés, museum, and atrium. Percolating from the top down, the strong interaction between program, form and opacity is also pronounced. Below the private upper levels, the structure shifts in form, generating a cloud-like dynamic state of solids and voids. As such, a series of look through views, projections and recesses develop a rich and translucent architectural landscape that separates spaces for different public activities and levels of reprieve. The abstract deconstruction of the solid rectangular mass further allows for the interjection of a human scale in the otherwise relatively large, expansive structure.

The three-dimensional push and pull technique is utilized in addition to carve out stepped gardens that negotiate the varied terrain of the exterior space, presenting a rich composition of wooden terraces and sunken patios whose design language links seamlessly with the structural composition of the building. As such, a purely transparent facade interrelates the interior with the exterior space, connecting the outdoor public space with an inner public realm.

Client: Seoul Housing and Communities Corporation
Architecture / Landscape: Topotek 1
Collaboration: DMP Architects Seoul
Size: 22.740 m2