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Klaus Leidorf
Klaus Leidorf
Jahr der Fertigstellung
Earlier on known for its social and infrastructural challenges and typical of the post-ww2 urban developments of the 60’s and 70’, Neuperlach is the largest of its kind in Germany. Originally planned with more than 80.000 housing units as well as cultural and social functions, the masterplan was never fully completed, adding to the impression of neglect in the area.

The transformation of the more than 500 ha at the edge of Munich City is one of the largest ongoing developments in Germany. The development includes planning at all scales: from the overall strategic masterplan to a plan for the detailed renovation of a large part of the residential complexes, as well as designing a firmly anchored process for involvement of the citizens in the area.

Neuperlach’s building volume and the open structure of the modernistic urban layout are both characteristic to the area, endowing great development potential, not least because of its open spaces – a scarce commodity in Munich, a city with some of the highest real estate prices in the country. At the same time, the urban layout makes re-thinking of cultural and social infrastructure, future mobility, green structure as urban active, resources and climate adaption ideal.

Year of project realization: 2019-2021
Architect: ADEPT
Size: 500 ha
Client: Landeshauptstadt München