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Hotel Iveria

5 Star Hotel and Casino, Tbilisi
Hotels, Herbergen, Ferienhäuser
Jahr der Fertigstellung
Material Fassade
Central Asia & Turkey Hotel Investment and Development Awards
Klient: Development Solutions
Standort: Tbilisi, Georgien
Größe: 34,200 m2
Kompletierung 2009

Das von GRAFT entworfene Radisson SAS Iveria Hotel hat am 23. Oktober 2009 Eröffnung gefeiert. Der Umbau des 60er Jahre Hochhaus Hotels in ein 5-Sterne Radisson SAS Iveria Hotel beinhaltet 249 Räume, inklusive 44 Geschäftsräume, 15 Suiten und eine Vorstandsetage. Das italienische Restaurant Filini und eine Lounge Bar sind ebenso vorhanden wie ein Konferenzzentrum mit 10 Besprechungsräumen und teilbarem Ballsaal mit einer Kapazität von 450 Personen, und ein Wellnessbereich. Die Oxygen Bar auf dem Dach bietet eine großartige Aussicht auf die Stadt Tbilisi und den Kaukasus. An das Hotel grenzt das zweistöckige Iveria Kasino.
Ziel des Projektes war es das Wahrzeichen des Viertels umzuwandeln und an die lokale Umgebung des Stadtzentrums und die heutige Zeit anzupassen. Das Iveria Hotel ist ein Leuchtfeuer des Optimismus für die Zukunft Georgiens. Dieses Projekt repräsentiert die unvergleichliche Tradition des Landes, seine Identität und Selbstsicherheit und erfindet die lebende Kultur neu, ohne die Geschichte hinter sich zu lassen- das ist GRAFTing.


The existing building will be reconverted into a contemporary new mixed-use facility with about 34.170 square meters of gross space on a land parcel of about 10,840 square meters. The projects main focus is the operation of an international quality hotel under the Radisson SAS brand with approx. 250 rooms including 16 suites, lobby, two restaurants, conference center, spa and all “back of house” facilities. In addition the building will accommodate a class A bank office as well as a casino. Façade and interior of the hotel and all other facilities will be of a “one of a kind” quality in design and technical standard.
The project’s goal is to create a landmark building with perfect anchoring in the local environment in an existing building of international style which through the process of transformation with an appropriate high end design ambition will link it to the world.

1.1    Location

The site for the new development is located on Place of the Rose Revolution, which is probably the most central location in Tbilisi. Together with “Freedom Square” the “Place of the Rose Revolution” will anchor the famous Rustaveli boulevard on both ends. The square and its adjacent areas are currently undergoing major redesign. Its main qualities are:
-    Close to Rustaveli Avenue and the main commercial, political, cultural and recreational establishments;
-    100m away from major bus and subway station;
-    30 minutes away from airport;
-    Overlooking the river and large parts of the city, providing a spectacular view to the surrounding mountains and the Caucasus at the horizon.

1.2    Size of site

The total area of the freehold land parcel is 10,840 square meters, 1,300 square meters of which are on top of a tunnel.

1.3    Existing building

The existing building was constructed toward the end of 1960’s as the prime hotel in the City of Tbilisi.
The gross area of the existing building was approximately 22,860 square meters. In order to comply with international standards of seismic ratings, the building has been reinforced. All basement structures up to the plaza level of the “square of the Rose Revolution” as well as the structure of the existing high-rise building will remain and remodeled. The ground level and the upper restaurant level of the side building will be demolished and rebuilt in approximately the same proportion. The top floor of the tower and its roof will be replaced with a new structure in order to comply with program and technical requirements of the hotel.
    Existing building: Tower 18 storey’s, side building 2 storey’s (to be demolished), 3 basement levels
    Remodeled building: Tower 19 storey’s, new side building 2 storey’s, 3 basement levels

1.4    New Development

The new facility will provide space for an international quality hotel, a bank office and a casino. The new facility will have a total area of approximately 34.170 square meters.

The overall total space for the described functional areas should not be less than approximately:
-    Hotel for approximately 250 guest rooms including all facilities of an international quality hotel;
-    Casino on approx. 2,100  square meters (back of house, circulation areas etc. not included);

Building Segmentation
The existing Tower building will incorporate the hotel rooms and the Spa and wellness area as well as two technical floors. The incorporated side building will accommodate common areas of the hotel, a ballroom, conference facilities and two restaurants, one with a roof terrace. The basement of the side building will accommodate all back of house facilities, a bank office and the casino.

Public Area
The entrances for the hotel, offices and casino will be separately accessible. A specialty restaurant and a lounge bar will be accommodated on the ground floor of the tower. The main hotel lobby will also give access to the extensive conference areas including a ball room and six other meeting rooms. In addition a restaurant with terrace will be accommodated on the second floor of the side building.
With the combination of differently programmed zones (hotel, convention center, restaurants, bar and casino) “Hotel Iveria is expected to play a key role in Tbilisi’s public life, as a “showcase” for local business conventions or private events, weddings etc. and even more as an international magnet and “stage” for conferences, fares and political meetings.

Building Design
The building will meet the requirements of modern, contemporary design. The building is intended to be a symbol of modern Georgia: transparent and dynamic. A new glass façade is a substantial element ofr this. As the old Iveria building was a symbol of its time, the renovated building will be the modern city’s landmark. The main public areas, lobbies, hallways, waiting areas, as well as food & beverage areas will provide a continuous atmospheric scenography with the highest possible “flexibility of the space”. Apart from the usual coolness of a hotel lobby the main lobby of hotel Iveria will be like a “Salon de Tbilisi” with a lounge-like and welcoming atmosphere. These places connect Hotel Iveria with the city of Tbilisi. A coziness close to the character of a “Tbilisi living room” shall be combined with a feeling of entering a very representative environment of international relevance: an “embassy of Georgia” for visitors from all over the world.

1.5    Hotel Features
The hotel will be conceived according to international four to five-star standard and will be run by Rezidor SAS under the “Radisson” brand.

Hotel Space Allocation
The hotel space to be distributed as follows (excluding plant rooms):

-    2.5.1    Hotel Rooms on 15 Floors
-    2.5.2     Spa & Fitness on Top Floors
-    2.5.3     Common area, reception and specialty dining on ground floor, garden restaurant on first floor
-    2.5.4    Conference facilities on ground floor side building
-    2.5.5    Back of house on Basement

1.5.1     Hotel Rooms Segmentation and Size
The rooms’ sizes for the hotel are between approximately 38 square meters to approximately 60 square meters.

1.5.2     Hotel F&B Segmentation and Size
The specialty restaurant on the tower ground floor will comprise around 390 square meters. In addition, a lounge bar of approximately 160 square meters is planned on the tower ground floor. A second restaurant will be located in the side building and will comprise around 480 square meters (plus a terrace). The restaurant in the side building is intended to be the main restaurant, which shall serve breakfast and also business menus to visitors from outside the hotel.

1.5.3     Common Areas
Hotel lobby, reception and other public area will be located on ground level and first floor. The hotel lobby opens to the arrival plaza and is clearly visible for arriving guests. The reception is strategically located overseeing the drop-off and the circulation to the guest lifts. A well recognizable second reception counter will address visitor to the convention center to guarantee easy orientation.

1.5.4     Conference facilities
Conference facilities of different sizes will be distributed along the ground floor.
-    A ballroom of approx. 380 square meters will be accessible from the lobby and can be subdivided into 3 separate rooms;
-    6 conference and meeting rooms , all of them with daylight;

1.5.5     Spa and Fitness Area
The top floor will be utilized for a spa, swimming pool and fitness center, possibly open for outside membership.

1.5.6     Back of House
Back of house will be accommodated in the basements, leaving sufficient area for:
-    Administration offices including archives
-    PABX and computer room
-    Housekeeping
-    Staff changing and staff dining
-    Goods receiving/waste handling etc.

1.5.7     Hotel Front Space
It is intended to create an arrival plaza for the hotel guest. The arrival will be simplified: people clearly see the Hotel lobby and easily understand where to go to the Hotel. The casino has a separate entrance.

1.6      Entertainment

The basement of the side building will fit a casino of about 2,100 square meters, of which about 1,500 square meters will be used for the gambling hall and 600 square meters for other service rooms.