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MY.B Office Building

Building type
office buildings, administration buildings, banks
building project
new building
material façade
The MY.B Office Building complex is a part of the new Europacity at the main railway station in Berlin. Offices and auxiliary buildings on six floors are being developed on this site in an area covering around 16,500 m².

As one of the main transport routes, the Heidestraße connects the quarter in a north-south direction. The appearance of the 117 m long building is derived from the course of the street, which at this point is accentuated by a kink. The façade follows this kink in the top floor and offsets it several meters on each successive floor. In this way the main entrance finds itself between the façade and the kink in the street – an intentionally unobtrusive arrangement which lends great formal power to the structure.

The façade structure interacts closely with the programme. At each level the windows facing the façade kink become narrower; at these points the spatial depth is lowest and the daylight requirements are reduced. The windows’ breadth increases at the ends so that more daylight can enter the lower office rooms. An external sun protection system is installed around the façade. The rooms are ventilated by means of flap-type openings with sound filters beside the windows. For reasons of noise protection, the windows on the very busy Heidestraße cannot be opened.

The foyer leads to a café, a multi-functional room and a library which is oriented towards the inner courtyard. Tenants may use their spaces as single, combination or open-plan offices and conference rooms