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Centre for Molecular Biosciences (ZMB)

Building type
laboratories and research buildings
building project
new building
material façade
A new Centre for Molecular Biosciences has been built on the campus of the Christian- Albrechts University (CAU) in Kiel. With an area of 3,100m² spread over five storeys, it provides space for 80 researchers and unites Scientists with “Applied Life Sciences” research foci under one roof. Additionally, up to three start-up companies can lease space on the third floor. The layout of the new building is based on six circular arcs and results in a concave-convex curved façade.

This is cladded with gold-painted expanded-metal segments, and characterized by an irregular pattern of storey-high windows. Natural daylight is provided by a sky light placed above the central staircase. Around an orthogonal core, each floor is divided into two corridors and a series of rooms that are bound by the free-form shape of the façade. The electrical power, data and gas source is supplied through a service wing attached to the ceiling slab. This allows maximum flexibility for laboratory equipment and furniture setup to suit various research tasks. Floor to ceiling windows supply a sufficient source of natural daylight into all work spaces. A lecture theatre on the top floor accommodates the opportunity for dialogue between researchers, industry and the public.

ISP Scholz Beratende Ingenieure (Structural engineering), Heinze Stockfisch Grabis + Partner (MEP), eretec (Laboratory design), WES LandschaftsArchitektur (Landscape architecture), Siller Landschaftsarchitekten (Landscape architecture), iPb – Ingenieurbüro Planung Blei (Facade planning), Wolfgang Sorge Ingenieurbüro für Bauphysik (Acoustical engineering)