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Siemensstadt 2.0

Building type
urban construction
building project
material façade
architect award
4th Place
The master plan opens the Siemensstadt 2.0 and creates a new multifunctional center for culture, research and production – a new attractor for Berlin and beyond.
Through the hybrid program and its versatile uses, the Siemensstadt is creating a new community and home for over 30,000 people. Daycare and school, affordable housing, sports fields, hotels, as well as a public plaza and green spaces upgrade the location and make it a place for everyone to experience. It is no longer just work and production that take place here; numerous new residents from several generations are revitalizing the Siemensstadt and shaping its new community identity.
The careful handling of Siemens' history in Berlin and the corresponding listed buildings are another special feature of the project. In the Schaltwerk hall complex, diverse uses and a wide range of cultural activities can be experienced in a completely new way. Rooms for experimentation and discovery are available in the form of Living Labs and offer places for innovation and inspiration. The existing ten-storey factory and office building are linked to the newly designed Schaltwerk halls by connecting buildings and activated by a mix of coworking and future workshops. The neighboring administration building can be accessed on the northern side by a new wave-like entrance and allows to use the potential of the inner courtyards. A connecting conference and workshop zone is created by an overarching canopy.
The urban structure enables change and growth through a scalable pattern. The systematic area arrangement defines the adaptable and optimized master plan, which can develop in a self-similar way over time as needed.
In the Innovation Campus Siemensstadt 2.0, work and leisure spheres merge into one another for a more intensive exchange and productive entanglement. The historic 70 hectare site is being renovated, modernized and re-functionalized in order to create a forward-looking Smart City district for Berlin.