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MEGATABS architekten
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Two more projects by MEGATABS architects will be presented. Recently it was a town hall and a school that save resources in the energy network, here there are two "tabs" projects that, thanks to architectural interventions, develop astonishingly high potential. Building in existing buildings is like buying vintage clothes or restoring furniture. It pays to redesign what is already there so that new things can be created and the life of a property or building is significantly extended.
In the first project, megatabs transformed a basement into a gallery space in industrial chic. In the course of the renovation, the architects discovered another room which - after removing an inserted false ceiling - revealed a glass construction with daylight. You can read more about these two conversions in this press release.
In Vienna's first district, an undiscovered gem slumbered on the ground floor. Barricaded and without further use, it lay fallow until, thanks to a general renovation, it now shines in new splendor as a business premises.
The new facade design allows a lot of daylight into the rooms, making the long front attractive from inside and outside. Ideal for a business location. The classicist building in downtown Vienna will soon be reopened.
High-quality materials such as terrazzo as floor and wall coverings give the rooms atmosphere. A structurally inserted "box", a floating gallery construction, enables a play with transparency and closed sections thanks to perforated sheet metal surfaces. The lighting, the glass balustrade, the light rails - details that make the overall ambience look elegant and inviting. Before - after deluxe! The wall in the basement, which is clad with a perforated sheet metal facade, is particularly ingenious and thanks to LED lights it looks like concealed windows with daylight.
All photos by © MEGATABS architekten
The second project that we would like to present at this point is also a renovation that turned a ground floor into new splendor.
The historic glass ceilings give the otherwise simple rooms grandeur. One of these daylight ceilings was previously hidden behind a false ceiling and was discovered, uncovered and restored by the architects by chance. The gray screed floor is resilient, matches the industrial chic ambience and gives the entire surface uniformity. Small-scale tiles, as you know them from the Paris metro, are a cost-effective, attractive option for robust wall cladding.
All photos by © Leonhard Hilzensauer