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Eller + Eller Architekten

Mizal Offices, Düsseldorf

Visions on Campus
Building type
office buildings, administration buildings, banks
building project
new building
material façade
With its immediate vicinity to both the Medienhafen and the government quarter, the new MIZAL campus is located in a highly attractive and visionary location. The architectural guiding idea of the new buildings on Plockstraße is based on the development of a campus that is at peace with itself, self-confident and lively at the same time.

The entire ensemble consists of several building sections that are offset from each other in terms of urban space. In this way, the individual buildings are structured according to the scale of the urban space, despite the uniform overall language. The eleven-storey high point on Völklinger Straße marks the start of the campus.

The campus gets its outdoor quality from the spacious plazas along the MIZAL Boulevard, which invite people to spend time there. The buildings are accessed from here. The boulevard provides quick pedestrian access to the harbour, the neighbouring districts and the S-Bahn station directly adjacent to the site.

The most striking element of the campus is the high point facing Völklinger Straße. With its characteristic external construction, it conveys a dynamic, future-oriented image.
The façades of the lower parts of the building are characterised by continuous cantilevered ceiling elements that draw the busy cubature of the ensemble together in a band-like and calm manner. Between these bands are floor-to-ceiling glazing that creates a visual connection between the individual cubes, but also between inside and outside.