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Ernst Reinke Strasse

residential building
Nick Ash
Nick Ash
Jahr der Fertigstellung
Maximising size requirements and filling needs in urban planning, The Ernst-Reinke-Straße residential complex densifies existing urban spaces. Beginning with a fresh start, the project foundation sinks one meter deep into the earth, setting the buildings gradually into their environment. The two forms are connected underground by a parking garage, and above, a green lawn sits between them, providing a social space for its residents. A two-story building then stands before the main structures, greeting residents and guests alike. The facades, set with windows in linear fashion, are a uniform answer to the rigid environment. Along these lines, the wall appears as if it is rhythmically carved open from floor to ceiling. In response, the southern facade expands outward with two meter deep balconies; each shaded with curtains that offer privacy and protection from the sun.

Surface: 4.650 m²
Design Team: Florens Riedel, Tatiana Trindade, Tommaso Petrucci.
Photographs: Nick Ash.