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mixed use building
Michael Heim
Michael Heim
Wohn-, Geschäftshäuser
Jahr der Fertigstellung
Material Fassade
Located in the historic district of Sao Vicente's capital, Mindelo, a mixed-use building holds artistic and social subtexts in its form, and recognizes the variety and needs of its neighboorhood. The complex is composed of a housing division and a tower unit, which connects its floors. The main component contains a cafe, an office, and residential units. The tower are set with wooden paneling, and therefore open to wind blowing gently in from the street. The streetside facade is clad with a three-dimesional, wooden filter. The boxes composing the filter are cut to the golden ratio, and take inspiration from Joseph Albers To monte Alban(1942). The rear facade, fixed with cascaded terraces, reminds of the farming landscape in the nearby San Antao Island mountains. Each terrace holds pots of whispering wheat and maize that provide privacy for its residence. Once a year, flood-like rainfall will cascade down these terraces to the garden. Here it is collected in a cisterne to grow plants in drier times. In a sign of respect to its clients of German origin, a kitchen will be installed in the garden, with an oven from which to produce bread.

Surface: 950 m²
Year: 2018-2021
LP: 1-5 artistic supervision
Design Team: Lia Janela, Matteo Rossi, Lisa Desager. Incollaboration with Studio Arc&Art Mindelo Cabo Verde.