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Studio Anna Heringer

Omicron relaxing spaces

Photos © Stefano Mori
Photos © Stefano Mori
Büros, Banken
Jahr der Fertigstellung
Material Fassade
Design: Studio Anna Heringer, Lehm Ton Erde (Martin Rauch)

In general the attention of interior design seems to be focused mostly on the functional and aesthetical issues: plenty of products and materials are selected without inquiring much over the ethical and ecological issues behind their production.
How can the know-how, from places and cultures distant from ours, be combined in a harmonious and beautiful way with the local one? How can the profit generated from a project support first of all the craftsmen, who make it and not marketing or sales industries?
Trough this project we decided to take up such challenge: 5 rooms, each with a different theme - Afghanistan, Ecuador, Mexico, Ghana and Tanzania - are designed with the aim of engaging both craftsmen from Vorarlberg and the ones from developing communities (12 social organization have been involved). Combining them together in a unique design, we aimed to achieve ethical, sustainable yet beautiful results.
Each room contains as well a specific mud wall artwork. The mud, besides strengthening the individual character of the space from an aesthetical point of view, contributes also to a better indoor air quality. All materials and surfaces were chosen to make sure that a healthy indoor climate is guaranteed.

Construction: February 2015
Client: Omicron Electronics
Site: Klaus, Voralberg, Autria.

Some of the Fairtrade companies and NGOs which worked with us:
Guldusi, Little Flower, PET Lamp, Carvieira Handicrafts, Lebensarbeit Kreativwerkstatt hilfsdienstleistungen, Frank Appiah Kubi (Ghana), Dipshikha, Dipshikha Handicrafts, El Camino de los Altos, Agnes Kunze Society, Eine Weltgruppe Schlins|Röns, GLOBO Fair Trade Partner GmbH.

Local collaborators:
Susanne Menzel, Berle Manfred Raumausstattung, Gerold Ulrich, Bruno Matt.