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Kids Design Week 751 D Park Event and Exhibition Design

Foto: YANG Chao Ying
Foto: YANG Chao Ying
Beijing Chaoyangqu Qixingdongjie
Jahr der Fertigstellung
A larger than life ribbon took children and adults alike on a fun and adventurous journey in the first Kids Design Week Beijing exhibition -  “Grow Down, Shrink Up”. Curated and co-organized by Crossboundaries, the world was turned upside down for a week interactive dialogue with kids and for kids.


In 751, one of Beijing’s former industrial parks, now a hub for the creative business community, Kids Design Week set stage for an interdisciplinary communication platform, bringing together parents, educators and psychologists, as well as designers and child industry professionals to exchange perspectives and change their conventional ways of thinking.

The theme “Grow Down, Shrink Up” invited children and grown-ups to swap roles, split into workshops & activities, salons, exhibitions & art installations, across a variety of topics, for which Crossboundaries’ developed a framework that linked space and program. The open space, rigidly ordered by a grid of concrete columns was reimagined as a fantastical play-scape for kids and adults.

A pure white ribbon drew visitors in the space with spiral-like movements, changing directions it turned into a path forming a succession of activities, games and discoveries at each step. Out of the path, the ribbon re-emerged in key moments, sometimes becoming backdrop for art, other times defining partitions for functional areas.

Project data:

Event Kids Design Week
Location Beijing, China
Size 1,000 sqm - venue area
Design period August 2016 – September 2016
Construction period 21 September 2016 – 28 September 2016
Partners in charge DONG Hao, Binke Lenhardt
Team Andra Ciocoiu, HAO Hongyi, Sidonie Kade, Tracey Loontjens
Curator DONG Hao
Associate Curator Binke Lenhardt, Jessica Luo
Coordinator Ruo Fang, Mini Liu
Graphic Design LAVA, Beijing
Photographer YANG Chao Ying, TAN Hai Qing, XU Cheng