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Highrise Partheufer Leipzig

Building type
building project
new building
material façade
architect award
1st Prize Competition
The new building ensemble on the banks of the Parthe river between Nordstrasse and Gerberstrasse creates a harmoniously balanced transition between the inner-city urban structures in the south and the structurally-lower environments north of the river.

The street-side building with its 2-storey base is positioned on the lateral building boundaries, takes up the lines of the built environment and enhances Leipzig's skyline with its well-proportioned and elegant appearance. In combination with the transparent, structured and lively facades, the softly flowing forms of the ensemble generate a differentiated perception from all viewing angles.

A recess on the northern boundary of the site results in a large riverbank situation that rearranges it and adds a public urban space. This recess serves as the main entrance for the users and as an inviting gesture to the neighbours with regard to the multi-faceted range of retail shops, cafés and restaurants in the building's base.

The two towers, which can be divided into 2 utilisation units of 400m² each per tower and floor according to requirements, overlook this base. With a continuous extension grid of 1.35m, the areas can be used flexibly, and central access cores provide sufficient natural lighting for all room situations.

The landscape-architectural concept of the open space is emphasised by the roof garden in the intermediate space between the buildings, and offers an additional attractive working environment.