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Eller + Eller Architekten

Cafeteria Couven Gymnasium, Aachen

Building type
building project
new building

Client        City of Aachen
GFA        540 m²

The cafeteria as a solitaire replaces the small pavilion from the seventies on the upper schoolyard. Due to the topography with difference in height of 2 meters to the existing school building the cafeteria stands on a plateau. The entrance to the cafeteria is located central to the schoolyard. A wide ramp makes the delivery barrier-free.

The shape of the new cafeteria is a free and round form on the contrary to the stringent rectangular school building. The special round design is emphasised by a cladding out of vertical narrow and colourful panels.
The building is according to the standard of a passive house.

Photos: Joerg Hempel, Aachen