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RWTH Aachen Campus

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The Integrative Production Engineering cluster is part of the extension of the RWTH Aachen Campus housing research and academic facilities for technology and research oriented industry providers. The building complex, situated at the southern fringes of the central boulevard consists of two parts: the L-shaped, six storey office building extending along the boulevard in the west and oriented towards the campus park in the south as well as the centrally located, single storey test facility with its laboratories on the back side. The central lobby provides access to the building complex and comprises of a trans-level air space with its glazing extending to the full height of the building. This enables daylight to penetrate the central access areas on every level and offers extensive views of the adjacent park. All occupier units can be accessed via this central area. To enable different forms of use and for the sake of being able to offer variable room sizes, the structure of the building shall be designed to ensure maximum variability and flexibility and provides the opportunity to realize a variety of office concepts with cost-effective floor plan solutions. Interior courtyards and deep building recesses glazed at the side generate significant natural lighting across the various spaces.
The test facility with its laboratories, which matches the currently specified usage requirements, leaves room for flexible adaptation to potentially different future requirements. At its base, the shell of the building is made of fiber cement panels. The upper levels are characterized by opaque and transparent industrial glazing. The same material also dominates the facade of the office and laboratory building. The fiber cement panel facades are visually subdivided by the regular layout of the windows and are given an unobtrusive structure by narrow, slightly protruding metal soffits.