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J. MAYER H. und Partner

Stylepark Lounge

Messe-, Markthallen
Jahr der Fertigstellung
AR+D Award
ar+d award 2002
contractworld award 2003

As part of the UIA Congress 2002 in Berlin, this temporary meeting lounge was specifically designed for the intersection of the UIA Congress and the Plancom Fair. However, it´s modular system allows for other constellations and will therefore travel to other sites.

The integral concept of the stand programs the linoleum floor surface into an ondulating topography for different functional requirements. Communication areas, lounge zones, video projections and interactive elements fuse into each other and connect all programmatic elements into a homogeneous but spatially structured configuration. The lounge reacts to the individual needs of the visitors.

Active and passive information possibilities propose discretion and openness. The convential categories of furniture, wall and multimedia are transformed into a communication landscape which incorporates and serves - for a close interaction between space and visitor.