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J. MAYER H. und Partner

FOM University Düsseldorf

Foto: David Franck
Foto: David Franck
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FOM University - New building for the FOM Hochschule in Duesseldorf, Germany
The non-profit FOM University is Germany's largest private university. With over 24 study centers in Germany and abroad, FOM university enrolls more than 21,000 working students, trainees and apprentices. The new building of the FOM University Düsseldorf provides the necessary space for the ever-increasing numbers of students.

"Le Quartier Central" is a newly planned, nearly completed mixed-use area built on a former freight station in the centrally located Derendorf neighborhood. This setting is the new location for the FOM Düsseldorf university. The building can accommodate around 1,500 students and reflects on the infrastructural context of railway tracks, bridges, ramps and pedestrian connections in the building design. It’s first floor connects to a bridge with a projecting platform, creating a link between the different urban levels. The outer staircases and fire escape balconies allow for the compact circulation areas inside the building. Some curved balconies are connected to outdoor stairs, making the escape route for the upper floors more efficient. The inside of the building opens up to a sculptural staircase, leading the generous foyer upwards to connect all four auditorium levels. Separate from the academic floors, the administration and the student information center are located on the 4th floor.

Around the building of the FOM University is an 8,000 m² park situated above a two-story underground car park with 360 spaces. On site there is potential space for future extensions.

Function: University with auditoriums, lecture and seminar rooms
Location: Toulouser Allee 53, Duesseldorf, Germany
Site area: approx. 8.000 m²
Total floor area: 6.000 m²

Start of construction: December 2013
Completion: March 2017

J. MAYER H. und Partner, Architekten, MbB
Partner in charge: Jürgen Mayer H., Hans Schneider
Project team: Ana I. Alonso de la Varga,  Mehrdad Mashaie, Wilko Hoffmann

Client: BildungsCentrum der Wirtschaft gemeinnuetzige GmbH (Education Center for Trade and Industry), Essen
User: FOM Hochschule Duesseldorf

Architect on site: Starmans Architekturbuero, Aachen
Structural engineer: Thomas & Boekamp Ingeniuergesellschaft mbH, Muenster
Building service engineer: Brockof Ingenieure, Krefeld
Building physics: GFO Gesellschaft für bauphsysikalische Objektberatung, Krefeld
Electrical engineer: Sineplan, Hamburg
Fire security consultant: IDN Brandschutz Duisburg
Landscape architect: Luetzow 7, Berlin

Photographers: David Franck, Patricia Parinejad