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Amstel Tower

Softening the city
image: Christian Richters
image: Christian Richters
Jahr der Fertigstellung
Our first-completed tower has an unexpected appearance. Slender and curvaceous, with flowing lines, our new building softens the urban landscape with its sinuous contours and a vibrant mixed-use space. It also beautifully echoes the stylish 1930s station building located next door, and plays a defining role in the radical redevelopment of this up-and-coming Amsterdam area.

Amstel Station, Amsterdam’s second-busiest transport hub, is currently undergoing a major infrastructure upgrade. We wanted to contribute something special to the station area’s new identity, and our dynamic tower is the result. Tailored to fit the site and the needs of the neighborhood, our Amstel Tower combines 200 apartments in an elegant 24-story residential tower with a mid-rise base for an international hotel. A ground level with parking and retail functions adds liveliness to the area, while the tower provides the city with a new landmark. The fluid contours of our building were inspired by the rounded canopy of the Amstel Station building, designed in the 1930s by H. G. J. Schelling. We took the canopy and transformed it into a full-perimeter feature by extending the floor slabs into balconies around the tower and its base. As well as providing a strong (yet soft!) visual identity, these extended slabs provide outdoor space, shade and noise insulation for the apartments. With the vertical elements of our facade, we also repeat the rhythm of Schelling’s beautiful full-glass facade for the main station hall.