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Eller + Eller Architekten

Headquarters Metro AG, Moscow

Building type
office buildings, administration buildings, banks
building project
new building
material façade
GFA 22.500 m²

The rapid expansion of Metro’s cash & carry markets in Russia urgently called for a Moscow-based central administrative center for approximately 700 employees.
As a site, the area where the MCC market Moscow 1 has already been built, was chosen, as it is infrastructural connected to the Mainline to the North-West and located adjacent to an anabranch of the Moskwa.

The planned office center is situated in the southern part of the property, between the already existing market and the protected banks of the Moskwa anabranch.
The new premises are conceptually divided into two parallel, slightly shifted building parts -Building A as 2-band type with 6 stories, building B as 3-band with 5 stories. Both parts are linked by a central Glass Hall at their intersection. The one-story restaurant and kitchen area is added towards the South.
The building is approached from the parking lot of the MCC market, with access from the north side. 99 subterranean parking spots are provided in the first basement.

Special areas, such as Restaurant/ Kitchen, Auditorium and Showrooms are grouped around the central Foyer on the Ground Floor. With its glass elevators, connecting bridges and representative stairs, the main Hall is developed as a three-dimensional locus of distribution and communication.
The conference and social spaces of the office floors are also linked to the Hall, so that lively activities throughout the building can be witnessed not only during rush hours.
The typical office floors are perceived as generous and light with their glass partition walls -allowing wide and unobstructed views through space.

In emphasizing the floor slabs, the facades are visually divided in a mainly horizontal way. The full-height facade elements are totally glazed with the exception of a small parapet.